About my photography and what I want for my clients

I’ve been doing photography sort of my whole life. Photography was always the one thing that I did and didn’t even realize it. Even as a little girl I wanted to take pictures of everything and everyone! Back then and to now, photos are something that are special to me, they save a memory of a moment in time. Photos are the one thing in my life that will always be there, no matter where I move to. As a photographer it is my favorite thing to share special moments with my clients. When I am with you (the client) I don’t like to create the “super posed” portrait, I want to create a shot of you naturally- almost like a shot from a cheesy movie. I want to capture a screenshot of this moment in your life and who you are sharing it with. I want to be there with you when you meet your significant other, your wedding, your first child, birthdays, parties, you name it.  Each moment is special and should be turned into a memory that will last forever, in your memory and in photos. So let’s go on an adventure and book me today!

My Story

Enough about my photography, let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Tyler Miller and I’m from the West Coast. Now I say the coast versus a specific state because I grew up military, I was on the west coast for most of my life, a whole 15 years. I was born in California and was there until I was 7, which was when my dad joined the Army. Now skip forward a bunch of years to 2010 when we moved to Fort Lewis, Washington from Germany. I met my husband in 2012 just as I was beginning college at Pacific Lutheran University where I studied photography and music. Fast forward to now and here we are in Fort Hood, Texas!  



Over my time as a military child and as a military wife I have traveled a lot and I love it! I have been to at least 30 of the states and to 7 different countries. If I could pack up and just travel around the world, I would. I love exploring new places and experiencing new things. My favorite place to frequently visit is California (and not just because that’s where I’m from originally). I am a Disney fanatic! At least once a year I go to Disneyland. I’m really just a small child at heart when it comes to all things Disney! When I’m not in Disneyland or the beaches of California; at home in my free time I walk my dogs, go to the gym, and even play some video games.